Chairman Message

Dear Parents

Education is all about enriching minds, building character and providing diverse learning experiences that last a lifetime. Rapid globalization demands a challenging approach to knowledge development. Today,children are growing up in a highly competitive environment, the rate of change in all spheres is rapid. It is the collective responsibility of all of us to ensure that we give opportunities to our children to dream, set up goals and deadlines and help them to tall the dreams into reality. New Delhi Public School has been an institution with a tradition in excellence.

We have always strived to evolve our educational objectives, teaching tools and methodology to keep abreast with the latest changes in the social, economic and educational domain. At New Delhi Public School, we stand committed to impart quality education for the holistic development of our students through wide range of multi-dimensional activities. The school also encourages all students to develop their creative and intellectual capabilities.

The technology-enabled classrooms coupled with evolving curriculum, make learning, joyous and more engaging experience. Along with academics,we recognize the importance of strengthening students with the soft skills required to enable them to become outstanding personalities. We are firmly committed to sensitize our students and make them aware of their social responsibilities. As a part of this continuous journey towards excellence, this Student’s Diary has been designed to become an effective channel of communication between the parents and the school, apart from serving the purpose of an almanac and a rule book. Parents are requested to check it regularly and respond promptly to the entries made from the school’s end. Interaction with parents is extremely important in helping the students, their teachers and administrators to pave the path for strengthening the individual and collective competencies of the students. We are sincerely committed to educate and bring up an emerging generation of individuals with self-belief, confidence, positive attitude, social awareness and ability to make meaningful contributions to the society. Wishing all the students and parents a very fruitful Academic year.

Warm Regards

Deepak Sharma

Principal Message

"Human mind is a coarse grain of sand, recurring a nurturing shell of broad spectrum of learning opportunities and experience."


I extremely sanguine that New Delhi Public School has offered itself as shell fostering and sheltering human mind. As Principal, I use all the available tools to inspire teachers, students, administrative staff, ground zero workers and entire community of stakeholders to work together to promote and deliver excellence. The School has unleashed and empowered Innovators, lnversionist and has created Geniuses to set buoyant human spirit. The institution geared up with wheel of excellence and progress steered with values & conventions that fulcrum Quality Education and Educational Techniques as its spokes to fortify innumerable efforts. The school administration has been able to create a levitate balance between quality and quantity garnishing with flakes of passion and vigor.

The School with uncompromising ideals, constant support and faith of state holders motivate greater student-led initiate, teacher ship development and self-led teaching. From grasping calculators to on-line lessons, to virtual trips and simulated dissections, educational technologies can help students to access the content in new and exciting ways. Your instinctive support will help us to further accomplish our goal. Hope you will co-operate. I wish good luck, health and fine spirits in all walks of life to each member of NDPS family.

Warm Regards

Mrs.Vandana Arya




01 Urmila Public Senior Secondary School (10+2 CBSE)

NIT, Faridabad


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03 New Delhi Public School (Nursery to IX)

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